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Alonna DeVille, was born ‪May 28th‬, at Engalls Hospital in Harvy IL. Raised in Markham, IL and various suburban cities surrounding Chicago. Her talents were recognized and developed at a young age. From the age of 4 she was in the church choir and eventually a soloists. She began recoding with an independent label as a group by the name of Rich Territory. Alonna then branched out to become a solo artist performing at local night clubs and gained her own clout. Alonna has won competitions, performed at numerous local night clubs And hosted local events. She was captured in several blogs and magazines about her hard work. From non for profit show at Job Corp with Young Creative Minds by Danette King to Marching along side Erica Kane protesting racial profiling in Chicago. She was then nominated for the people's choice award for the Midwest Urban Music Awards. Also received recognition for best music video "Lil Mama Bad" for the 2014 CMVA (Chicago Music Video Awards). Alonna has signed to Beastly Music Group she has also co starred in the stage play IF YOU LOVE ME will soon taking on movie roles and her future looks bright she recently dropped a mixtape with French company Cashback ‪Mafia.Com‬ called On Your Knees,Im The has done over 80,000 plays and downloads,Wanted the mixtape has been released and has dubbed her the nickname “the lyrical assassin” and “underground’s most wanted”... her single "SluggN" has taken the underground by storm and has grown into a budding clothing line. Stay up to date with her Website ‪‬

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